Global Provider Search


All overseas medical expenses must be pre-certified prior to incurring the cost in order to receive maximum reimbursement under this policy.

Sagicor Core Network

To maximize your policy coverage, we have established a leading network of highly regarded hospitals called the Sagicor Core Network. This core network includes several leading hospitals in the United States and globally. Our goal is to help you find the highest quality, safest and most cost-effective care at the lowest out-of-pocket expenses to you, enabling us to offer you the highest level of coverage.

Sagicor Global Provider Network

In addition to the Core Network, Sagicor has access to direct payment arrangements with more than 5,000 acute care facilities and 45,000 clinics and ancillary facilities throughout all 50 US states.

It is important to note, that as these providers are not a part of Sagicor’s Core Network, the care received at these facilities may represent an increase of out of pocket expense to you than care received at a Sagicor Core Network.

In order to find a provider in your area please contact GMMI (at the numbers listed below).

For more information on doctors, hospitals and other facilities in countries outside the US please use the following contacts:

CARICOM - call direct/collect during normal business hours: +1 246-467 -7100
TRINIDAD – call direct/collect during normal business hours: +1 (868) 628-2652 x21264

US or CANADA - call toll free (24/7): +1 -855-479 -9463
ALL OTHER LOCATIONS - call direct/collect: +1 -954-334-7720