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At GMMI we are a proud group of professionals. Our talented staff is as diverse as the clients who we represent. We are from every corner of the globe, and from many states of the USA. Our own staff speaks over 25 languages on any given day. The most compassionate, caring, dedicated, and innovative team members make GMMI their chosen workplace. At GMMI we take pride in our long corporate history and its ingrained tradition of caring. We embrace new technology, strive to deliver innovation in our services, and celebrate out-of-the box thinking to solve the simplest to the most complex [medical, travel, assistance, security] problems. We are GMMI.

How can we help you?

GMMI’s service provision stems from our comprehensive approach to medical cost containment and assistance services. Our solutions have been tailored – and continue to evolve - to ensure that our clients’ customers are receiving the Right Care (medical management), at the Right Place (i.e. network steerage), at the Right Time (utilization review) for the Right Cost (bill auditing).

medical cost containment & CLAIMS MANAGEMENT

GMMI offers a full range of claims management, audit & negotiation services. Our team of experts is dedicated to provide the highest quality claims reviews.

GMMI’s claims service ranges from simple Network Claims Repricing, Out of Network Claim Negotiations, Best-Practice Bill Auditing, to the more sophisticated Coordination of Benefits & Subrogation services. 


24/7/365 worldwide assistance

Global mobility is on the rise. With over 2 billion travelers taking planes, trains, and hotels every year, GMMI supports our clients and their customers around the world with comprehensive assistance solutions. We help travelers navigate unfamiliar territory when they fall ill or in need of assistance away from their home country.  The need for assistance can span from a minor disruption to a major health crisis, and we are here to guide members every step of the way - from sickness to health, distress to relief.   Anytime, anywhere.


BEST-IN-CLASS Medical provider networks

GMMI is a global provider of medical and travel assistance services. We help people in all of life’s circumstances in the areas of Health and Travel. Our Medical & Travel Network has been built based on your Members’ needs! Our network is at the core of our business and is ever evolving to meet the demands of our clients. As people become more mobile, travel more frequently to more destinations around the globe, seek medical care outside of their home country and find themselves in need of assistance in foreign and sometimes unstable situations, GMMI builds our network to meet those client needs.


evidence-based medical case management & utilization review

GMMI’s Medical Case Management Program uses Best Practices when performing Utilization Review and Case Management. We utilize the industry’s most reputable published criteria and their medical guidelines on all of our in-patient and surgical cases. Using vetted clinical evidence based on the latest published research can help us determine proper levels of care. The concept behind Evidence Based Medicine is to make sure that decisions made in relation to health care are based on the most up-to-date, solid, reliable and scientific evidence.


international tpa

Expertise, Experience & Excellence - the power of our name – Global Medical Management – embodies the depth and reach of our services. GMMI offers the most reliable cost containment strategies for our clients – in the USA and globally. As a leading international TPA and health management company, GMMI helps employers address the challenge of ensuring their employees receive a level of healthcare coverage comparable to home country. 



GMMI embraces innovation and best technological practices in every aspect of our business. A robust security management system enables us to support security objectives and the protection of data. Our state-of-the-art phone system grants significant visibility across all contact channels in order to conduct exemplary business and workforce optimization. With teams in both infrastructure and development, GMMI is equipped with the intelligence tools necessary to deliver a high caliber of service to our clients.       


travel assistance

To learn more about our Travel Assistance products & services click here.

GMMI is a leading ISO 9001:2015 & ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified provider of cost containment and medical risk management solutions.

We are Passionate for People. Focused on Client Results. Driven by Legendary Service.

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